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Free Standing Patio Covers

Anywhere You Want

Maybe you really want a patio but you don’t want it attached directly to your house or garage. Maybe you want it at that sweet spot in your yard where you can see the beautiful sunsets, or you want it right by the pool so you can grill some food or talk with friends without having to leave the shade. What you’re looking for is a free-standing patio cover.

Free Standing Patio Covers are a type of lattice patio cover that provides the optimum amount of shade no matter where you are in the yard or outdoor area. The major difference between a free-standing patio and a lattice patio are that free-standing versions are placed anywhere as long as they’re not connected to another structure. 

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full cover free standing patio cover

Multiple Options

From a basic Lattice cover to custom designs, freestanding sitting areas to deck and patio covers. Whatever your vision might be, we can create the shade cover. Plus, added options such as special-order columns and beautifully contoured beams let you make a statement that is truly unique. Enjoy the pleasure of having TWO style patio covers with over 10 color options to choose from.

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